getting a life out of the ordinary.

On impulse, I’ve decided to commit myself as a volunteer for a non-profit organization.  It’ll help me get over some bumps that halted me recently. It’ll work out well since the days I’m supposed to be there fall on weekends. The activity will help me get occupied from useless baggage being thrown.

I’m given time to reset my life, reorganize priorities.

comedy at its finest

Well,  somebody found a way to my new blog. It’s comforting to know that my visitors are growing each day, just enough for me to host my own site. That’s my primary goal. Thanks.

Here’s a thought you should ponder on, least I say I’m an expert on this matter, do you trust who you think you should believe? You need to get your script revised darling, because I’ve just killed myself out of the act. You’ve invited yourself into nonsensibility. My hat’s off to you. Or do you want to have an applause to go with that? It’s done.

Knowledge is realizing that the street is one-way, wisdom is looking both directions anyway.

Leave your comment just right there. I’ll be posting it. I won’t edit anything. Darling.

Shout it out to me Darling…


Help me understand what do you mean  “living the good life?”

I made the mistake of having a friend use my account to satisfy his curiosity on a person’s profile.  Obviously, it was assumed that it was I who browsed through her private profile. Next thing I knew she was posting a shoutout giving permission to “jealous bitches” to peek into what her life is like. Good juice. Hahahaha.

One hitch though. You should never have asserted your definition of “living the good life.” Darling, that phrase is subjective.  And “bitch” nowadays has been taken positively (thank you very much Paris Hilton!), in case you aren’t updated yet.

With her behavior, she might think I am guilty of her referral. Na-ah. Gawd, she just validated my perception of how narrow-minded and prejudice she is. And does she know what the real score is anyway?


poor soul, clueless.

so what have you that we don’t have?


Here’s a concept that has been bugging me for a long time since I started working: authority.

I’ve been working in an industry where pressure is  shrugged off and dealt with great amicability. I was trained to exchange politeness with irate people, empathize with sincerity, and sell to satisfy and please. Honestly, I dreaded the job description since it meant that I had to deal with people in somewhat a personal level – as in, engage them in an interesting conversation.  But as they say, all things can be learned and I just had to deal with it if developing a personality comes as a bonus.

Good news is I grew both on a professional level and personal level. I became outspoken (although that is to a chosen few. It takes a while for me to warm up to people) and urged myself to learn IT skills. Even though, my computer skills were limited only to Microsoft Word and Powerpoint Applications, it expanded to photoshop, excel, publisher, and navigating the internet browser. The training was well above what I expected to learn.

The job would have been a fairytale but it has its share of flaws. While most people complain about salaries and payouts I sometimes wonder if an immediate authority has a right to exempt himself to the policies of the company.

Take for instance banned sites and Monday business attire. Too often these policies have been reminded to newbies and old agents and most often most immediate superiors themselves break the said policies. Hahaha. While most employees, those who don’t have so-called positions yet, adhere to these arrangements, it is these “immediates” that model a contrary behavior. Paradox. Hmmm.

I just had this interesting encounter with my “immediate,” 20 minutes ago actually. I casually commented on why he was wearing casual wear (polo-shirt and cargo pants with canvas shoes) on an agreed Monday business attire and he was quick to point out how he was doing more work than us. Okay, here’s how his words went (translated): “If you can do the work I do, then you can do all what you want as well.” I think this finely describes a superiority complex to me. Given that he has much harder work than we do, that doesn’t put him in a position where he can overlook company policies just because he has a higher position than us.

The reason why agents, like me, has often disregarded rules and often talk back is because we see reason to. We defy policies because we see them break it too. We don’t have an alert sense of break time out because we pass by them getting an “overbreak” time as well.

There should be an equality among employees when it comes down to conforming to what is governed in the company’s rules. I mean, most people here follow by examples naturally. They’re mind will eventually be set by what they see their superiors are doing even if they have been reminded all of the time.

Being higher than their agents doesn’t make them gods. So what do you have that we don’t have?  We’re working as hard as you do. Hell! Wake up man!

P.S. i’ve been meaning to write this piece, there have been many circumstances. and after this piece, i will be dead meat… hahahahaha… it will suck though!