people, however they hardly press themselves upon you that they’ve changed, can not and will always¬† be the same people they deny themselves to be. it’s just that our perspectives on things have changed and the way we look at them has been surprisingly to just mere acceptance of the fact that they’ll always be who they have always been..

clear eyes. full heart.

no one ever stops wanting but they have to balance what is impossible with what might be possible and try to make sense of their hopes and reality. they haven’t got a lot of hope, it would be unfair if they did. but they do the best with what they have. i mean, we can’t plan everything. life makes its own plans. sometimes we let each down; sometimes we fail each other; sometimes we break each other’s hearts; sometimes we leave. and sometimes we come back and sometimes we stick around. or sometimes it’s okay, even if we don’t. things happen and they are hard, too hard. we just get through them. that we are able. clear eyes, full hearts.

clear eyes. full heart. can’t lose.