he’s my keeper

he’s a keeper. my heart. for all who i am now. he’s my keeper.

i don’t know what he did or how he did it. i didn’t know if i was capable of falling in love again. if i’ll be able to say those three words again. or if i’m able to trust someone with those words again.

he came at the right moment when i no longer need rescuing. when i was no longer the damsel in distress. when i was capable of at least standing on something more.

what i didn’t anticipate was falling in love – especially when i didn’t want to be. what i didn’t anticipate was that he turned out to be a keeper. what’s better isĀ  that he’s my keeper. my heart. for all who i am now.

he makes forever shorter than what it actually means. he makes me look forward for what we will going to be. he makes me live in the present. he cares and loves the ones i love. i perfectly fit in with my imperfections because he reminds how beautiful they are, and accepted me for everything i am – however flawed i turned out to be. he’s worthy to keep. he’s my keeper, how fortunate could i ever be?