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This is the first blog I’ve produced outside of a social networking site. Here you’ll find my everyday thoughts, the occasional outbursts of the usually reserved me. Hopefully, I can maintain writing some stuff here. It’s sort like a morphine shot for me, in a way that it makes me calm when I’m so stressed and pissed off.

I’m a night owl by profession. It suits me because I have always had trouble sleeping at night. When everybody else is fast asleep, I’m as hyperactive as  I can be. Oh boy, you should see how I work at night and how I behave during the day.

It’s introspection that urged me to write. I’ve always been typecast as a snob which is the opposite. It takes a while for me to warm up to a person. I don’t have patience in participating in conversations. I’ve always love the mystic power of having to sit in a corner, taking mental photographs of people, and making out what their body language means. This is how you’ll see me.

The thoughts that are translated here are products of such silent observation, of an isolated introspection. Some are reflections of people who share the same sentiment as mine. It seems appropriate. I own my thoughts.

Share your thoughts. Talk to me. Don’t talk about me.

16 thoughts on “Share your Thoughts!

  1. We own our thoughts and they are one of the few things in your life that are not molded and controlled by the outside environment. Look forward to your writing!

    • says:

      yes, we do own our thoughts. They are the things in life that will never be taken away from…
      thanks for dropping by

  2. intellectuallubricant says:

    Pardon my intrusion, I just wished to tell you that your words and the heart they come from captivate me. Actually your writing is…breath-taking. A couple of times while reading I truly forgot I wasn’t breathing, Thank you. Lest I forget, I really like your blog theme! Have a grand evening!

    • says:

      Your intrusion is most welcome. 🙂
      Breath-taking may seem so over the top, I think. But I am grateful anyway. These are only the feelings that I need to deal with, transcribed into something people can relate to. I take comfort in the thought that people like you can feel how I am feeling because in the end, no matter how many people deny it or acknowledge it, there’s no more greater feeling in the world than to have someone understand us.
      Thanks so much for leaving this little heartwarmer. It certainly warmed my heart. 🙂

  3. disorderlybeautifulchaos says:

    Your blog captures one of the essential truths of life..Life will break your heart, but you have the ability to mend it. You have the ability to live deliberately and joyfully..your blog shows a wonderful sensibility with all the emotional texture of a romantic heart..beautiful work here

    • says:

      *sigh* i think i have come at peace with the fact that life does not deliberately give us some challenges that we aren’t capable of overcoming.. they come, they go, we move on. It’s an endless cycle we continue to be a part of… Whether we learn from it or not is a choice, in the end, that we have to make. That makes us human. No matter how I try to convince myself to be realistic and practical, I know that I am a very optimistic person – and I am in denial superficially. The reason being it’s survival.
      Thanks for leaving some beautiful comment here. 🙂

  4. I got to say, I opened up this blog by a total accident, but after 30 minutes reading it, I just put it on favorites. Great, great blog.

    I share many thoughts as you. I’ve always been an instrospective person since I know myself (or I think I know myself) and I have a very difficult time overcoming my optimist/pessimist thoughts. I’ve also had a very difficult life, and I still do in all aspects and I’m only 21. I still smile no matter what. I created mechanisms to defend myself, and one of the ways I can mend my own heartbreaks and thoughts about fear, from love and future in particular is to write (in Portuguese). And in the last months, I’ve started to do it with frequency.

    I loved my 30 minutes in this blog, that after this comment I will extend them and definitely start to come back more often here. Your writing is amazing. It’s just like I like…raw, but gentle. Emotionally strong… and you express your feeling likes you have fear and no fear at the same time. And as it looks depressive, it’s not. I associated many moments of my life in your posts. One of them really brought the tears to my eyes when I read it: “all I want is you”. I’m actually thinking of “borrowing” and put it in my blog, but I ask your permission first. Yes? 🙂

    Thank you for the thoughts, you’ve won yourself a new visitor :)* don’t stop writing!

    • says:

      Thanks. For the encouragement. For sharing your thoughts. 🙂
      and yes, you can go ahead and re-post them on yours.
      some of the posts here are borrowed too..

  5. orphriend says:

    I love to read the thoughts you share. So much beauty in the sadness. For me it’s about hope because I secretly wish the one I lost felt as you do (towards me)

    Anyway, thank you.

  6. stumbled on to your little corner of the internet by chance and also a whole lot of random clickings *smiles*

    i love your writings because i can feel your words and i can see your pain. because i understand and i can relate to what you are going through.

    keep writing the way you do, don’t stop…

  7. i just can’t imagine why your writings really so overwhelmed other people(especially also be me, when i first read your thoughts on writings). dude, this is not an ironically outspeaks but,gurl you deserved to be a great journalist, . keep it up!!!!

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