crossing fingers

I wish I can foresee the future.

Sometimes, I can’t understand the concept of time. I just know that it’s there, it’s here, and it will forever be here. And in our lifetime, I have always been reminded to value it (but I tend to disregard it). Maybe it comes with my constant anxiety, my interminable need to know conclusions and resolutions; to get to the destination as fast as things are articulated.

But most of the time, I am at peace with the recognition that we can’t control time, but what we make of it is our call. Thing is, we can’t fast-forward time to know if our decision’s worth it. So we trust our hearts and hope it turns out right.

But it doesn’t hurt if I become clairvoyant even for just today.

i want this…

I want this interior… I want this for my future house… *sigh*

This room.. *drool*.. want… Want.. WAnt. . WANT… *drool*

… Or this one…

I can stay forever here. Okay, not exactly forever, but you know what I mean. Days maybe… Weeks even.. ugh, let’s settle for forever… On my want list for my future house…

My Numerology Chart

Whoa! I had fun reading through the entire interpretation, which were actually fun and informative. Now it’s you turn to get your Numerology Readings. Have fun guys but don’t let it run your life.

Destiny number: 71 / 8
Life Path number: 53 / 8
Physical Plane: 5
Mental Plane: 6
Emotional Plane: 7
Intuitive Plane: 2
Personality number: 34 / 7
Soul Urge number: 37 / 1

The influence of your Day of Birth

Your birth day is on the 27th day of the month, which makes your birth number 9.

You’re broad-minded, idealistic, generous and energetic. And talk about a flair for the dramatic! You truly enjoy making “an entrance,” whether it be into a room or into life.

Women born on the 27th are the quieter nines. For example, your proclivity for revenge is tempered by your willingness to let go of anger. Your inability to make decisions is balanced by a flair for practical thinking. Instead of resorting to bluster and brashness as tools of persuasion, you deploy the gentle art of diplomacy. In sum, you’re a big believer in “show, not tell.”

You have a magnetic quality about you that seems to attract all you meet — even, believe it or not, your enemies!

Your Destiny number

Powerful and ambitious on the one hand, reliable and efficient on the other . . .

That’s YOU, my friend, thanks to the influence of the 8 Destiny.

The first thing that people are likely to notice when you enter a room is your air of command and authority, and your ability to control almost everyone around you. Once they get through this self-confident shell, these folks are likely to see a woman who ADMIRES and strives for success, who LOVES obstacles and takes PRIDE in the quality of her work, and who believes in an “honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.”

But even under the surface, you practically throb with power and confidence. You’re going to go to the top in WHATEVER field you choose-and no one is going to stop you!

In order to fulfill your destiny, it’s important to accept that there are certain things you must be, do, and accomplish in your life.

Your Life Path’s influence
Ambitious, authoritative and able . . .

My friend, your qualities are genuine “Triple A”-cutting edge! In addition to the above traits, feel free to add self-confident, energetic and efficient.

The source of all these marvelous traits is the 8 Lifepath you’re on. Women on this materialistically-oriented Lifepath tend to be dependable hard workers who are determined to get to the top in their own particular field or industry and who have the emotional and physical “stuff” it takes to make it into the big time.

Your Intuitive Plane
While life leaves other people standing by wondering what they missed, you find yourself in a starring role. Whether it’s taking an active part in a political cause that’s near and dear to you, or cheering for a favorite sports team, you live every moment to the hilt. Your convictions are so intense that some people may regard you as a bit of a fanatic.

You are extremely sensitive to what’s going on around you.

In fact, you get so wrapped up in emotions experienced by others that you cry easily over people’s tragedies. Since you take everything to heart so naturally, you can’t help wondering why other people are not as INVOLVED with life as you are.

Potentially, you would make an excellent, emphatic counselor. First of all, though, you are going to have to learn to distance yourself from this overwhelming desire to solve other people’s problems.

Your Personality number – how others see you
My friend, when people talk of refinement, distinction and quality, your name tends to pop into their minds. Your distinguished characteristics, combined with a tendency to be alone, can turn you into an interesting-and yes, even somewhat romantic-figure.

The reason for the outward appearance you convey to others is that you’re under the influence of a 7 Outer Personality. Women with this Personality can be the shy, studious quiet types. But even though you aren’t flamboyant or loud, people DO remember you after you’ve come and gone!

You always give the appearance of being expert in your fields of endeavor. This is because you most likely take the time to study or bone up on that topic.

Your Soul Urge influence – what truly makes you happy
A rebel WITH a cause, determined, headstrong, ambitious

. . someone with a lot of willpower . . .

If this sounds like YOU, you’re absolutely right! Your desire to take control of any situation results from the influence a 1 Soul Urge has over you. You’re at your best when you work alone, and can come up with innovative and trend-setting ideas!

What gets you through life is inner strength, willpower and an ability to master almost any situation