you. now there’s you.

there’s a second chance for everything. at least for us anyway. although this may be the nth time we’ve decided to give it a try one more time. maybe the few years of separation and slowly learning to make our way around life did made us better not only for ourselves but for each other as well. it still feels like we’re coming around re-discovering each other.

you asked me if i still write. i am. only this time, you inspire me in the quirkiest way possible. you should know that you’ve given me some spark to write something other than the sadness i occasionally feel.

you make it less lonely. even when you’re away. even when i only see you at  certain weeks in a year. this distance that we have now between us feels like it doesn’t make us grow apart anymore. it only makes us want to learn more about each other. and i take refuge in that.

there’s quietness now. or there is a significant change in how we can be comfortably settled with each other. i can lounge around in casual shirts in cold weather and still feel warm because there’s now you.


I often find it hard to cope with the days when words are not enough. I can say I love you and I do. I can say I adore you and I do. I can tell you that you are precious to me and you are. But on the days when words are not enough, I would like to reach out and gently brush my fingertips across your cheek. On the days when words are not enough, I would like to kiss you softly and gently. On the days when words are not enough, I would like to wrap my arms around you and never let you go. Only then, when I can hold your hand will I feel that maybe, just maybe, you can see how much you mean to me.


He tells me:

I love you..

…  and its a daily commitment

it’s that hard, and that simple…

i will not ask anything more than you can give..

because i know..

i just wanted to let you know…

no matter how hard it’ll seem to you and everyone else’s..

i love you..

and that’s all that matters for now…

This is his daily reminder – some sort of post-it note. I could’ve fallen in love. Sadly, I did otherwise. I know I am hurting him much more than I am able to picture. 😥