eenie minie moe

even when i’ve learned to live with insecurities, i still am afraid that i may, one day, be losing you. i, sometimes, wonder if i’m capable of meeting what you desire. i wish i was a little bit skinnier, sexier like i used to. perhaps, that would diminish the voices in my head.

sometimes, when we sleep, i hold you a little tighter. it’s my way of reassuring myself that you aren’t going anywhere. that when you say you’ll stay, you mean it. and not once, did you fall short of that promise.

everyday is a struggle between trusting myself to trust you. yet, you do not give any reason to doubt you. you fight through my insecurities. you love me even more when i do not have the courage to give. you’re open to only me taking even when it is unfair.

the reasons i love you are also the reasons you make me realize that i shouldn’t be embarrassed of myself. thank you my love, for choosing me.

hopefully to you

i am more settled now. of missing you even if we’ve just seen each other a few seconds. of wanting to hug you more even when i’ve just held you. of leaving you kisses even when when we’ve had hundreds. of loving you even more than what i am capable of.

you make every second that passes by worthwhile. tomorrows do not seem so dreary anymore because you make me look forward to being loved more. you make me secure in such sense that i do not need to worry about who i was or what i’ve done in my past. you make me a whole person because you’ve accepted my imperfections and made them seem so irrelevant. you’re more than who i asked for.

simply because…

you lead me back to a place where my heart is secure knowing that you’re the person i can love endlessly. and vice versa…

he’s my keeper

he’s a keeper. my heart. for all who i am now. he’s my keeper.

i don’t know what he did or how he did it. i didn’t know if i was capable of falling in love again. if i’ll be able to say those three words again. or if i’m able to trust someone with those words again.

he came at the right moment when i no longer need rescuing. when i was no longer the damsel in distress. when i was capable of at least standing on something more.

what i didn’t anticipate was falling in love – especially when i didn’t want to be. what i didn’t anticipate was that he turned out to be a keeper. what’s better is  that he’s my keeper. my heart. for all who i am now.

he makes forever shorter than what it actually means. he makes me look forward for what we will going to be. he makes me live in the present. he cares and loves the ones i love. i perfectly fit in with my imperfections because he reminds how beautiful they are, and accepted me for everything i am – however flawed i turned out to be. he’s worthy to keep. he’s my keeper, how fortunate could i ever be?


family are all the good people who collect spaces in your heart along your way. the one’s whose hearts collide with yours. family may last a lifetime, a season, or enter your life for a reason. whatever the outcome, never take for granted the one’s who made your soul shine a little brighter.