i will love you

Let me carry you back to
Where love awaits to understand you
in the hopes of saving you from your paralyzed truth
that bound you to this near-destruction of your humane existence
Heed not the warning of a loving heart
that cares for the resolution of your self-worth, your unaccountable worth
Know that I will love you with your flaws
Know that I will love you more than you’re able to love yourself
When the world would conspire to clip the wings that carry your ideals
I’ll be there to nurse them until they heal
Until the world comes to your understanding
that you have the power to become a part
of the whole that rejects your perspicacity
Not necessarily through your ideals
but through your intention to do well for others
In the meantime, I’ll be the absorbent of your thoughts
your audience for the conveyance of your wisdom,
the vessel to echo your  conviction
Soon enough, time will only be a fragment of an obsolete space
Everyone will eventually accept you
and your voice will have their eternal truth.


Two lives intertwine
From an unplanned
U-turn of fate
Desperately trying to run away
From each other
Hoping it could not possibly be
Only to find themselves
Coming back
To where the sound of true love
Echoes from their hearts,
That now beat to the same rythmn
To the same tempo
To the same language
They alone could understand
And they both keep mum.
Two half-hearts that has gained
Its fredom to care
That has knowledge to share
Wholly of what they are willing to give
But in the end
They figured that theirs is right
And everything is a mes
That it should not be
Or wouldn’t be
Until they truly trust themselves
To love again
For they must buy back
Their devoted hearts
From those they loved in the past.
Who have taught them to unbelieve in
Finding love again.
Then again
It’s funny how fate twists them
Creating a  new dance
That they alone could truly share
To their own rhythmn, their own music
They will find out
They’ll end up in each other’s warmth
To each other’s passion eventually
Nestled in the triumph of two hearts
Merging into one whole being
Living like there’s no end
To forever, to eternity
Loving like it was still their first time
To discover the meaning of love
And the only time to fall in love
Hitting them straight to
Their vulnerability and strength combined
Blindfolding the past
They’ve cried over and over
And now all they see
Is the one true love  they have found in each other
And loving again and again
Until the whole world bids farewell to them.


At some point, we weren’t just together. We became something that everyone knew about, and was happy to see happening. We were so known for being in our relationship, that it made it hard for us to be in love and go through tough times without the world watching every moment.

I miss the days when the only people that knew we were in love were us.

trusting faith..

Faith does not require understanding. Most of us don’t know how the respiratory system works, yet, we still breathe in and out. Most of us have no idea what is going on underneath the hood of our cars, yet, we still drive to work every morning. Most of us don’t have the slightest clue how the internet works, yet, we still rely on it everyday to get work done. In everything we do, life requires a little bit of faith.


ascend towards the heavens
your dreams take flight
wings that glitter of ideal –
the product of an infinite desire
to alter tomorrow with hope
envelope the world with an
untarnished realism of fantasy
Then the
world pulls you back to earth
injustice awaits to devour you
to consume you through the
unlikeliness of a visible reality…
struggle to break free
ungrasp the chain that binds you
to the disrealization of your dreams
unshackle the fear that ties you
to an omnipresent doubt
and braver you become
of the barriers that h inder you
of the footprints of triumph
that follows you…


I heard the echoes of your despair
But I remained still and deaf – immovable
To run to your defense
My heart yearned to share your sorrow
Define it and then bury it beneath the joy
My arms started to imprison you
To shield you from the pain
But they remained shackled and complacent
And weak to peel away the memory of the misery
I tried to draw my weapons
And scare away the demons of your sadness
Hoping to leave behind the joy of companionship
But no matter how courageous my heart becomes
My body continued to disagree
I tried to weave only the promise of joy
Only to disappoint you with the reality of illusion
Believe, I willed myself to believe what my imagination
Hopes and believes that I could do…
In the end, I realized that bravery
Is only a façade of a false courage?
Love is only an idea that rapidly disappears
Hope is only an ice that easily melts
As one continues to challenge each survival
Courage is a kaleidoscopic tapestry of an abstract understanding
– confusing and undesirable
In the end, disappointment continues to draw away from my lifeless existence…