i’m going to…

There has been not much that I did the last year. I was floating on emotions I should’ve put more into other things. I dwelled, sulked, and celebrated much of the loneliness without really ever meaning to overcome it.

This year, I’ll be more active in some of the things I have neglected in the past. Although I’m drained out of the emotions, I’m much more aware of myself now than I ever did before. I have more time to explore more of the selfishness I deserve.


I was doing it again. That lying in bed in a fetal position. Trying to calm myself.  Trying to fight off the tears. Trying to not think. All of which turned out to be futile attempts.

And I surrendered to what was inevitable anyway. Belonging to the darkness. Letting that anxiety control me. Cried. Burdened myself with thoughts. I was weak. Defenseless.


Yet, how ironic it is to find myself haggling with the loneliness to one mere touch from you. Even if it means accepting what hurts me most, letting go of you. And this is not the ending I wanted it to be.

It’s in the denial that defined what’s between us. Or what was us. I can no longer distinguish what was or what is.

And it’s frustrating. Because I am still hopeful for a fairy tale. Waiting for us. For you. Settling for an abstract ending. It’s in the uncertainty of having you that’s killing what little is left.

I can be strong. I know. It’s just. It’s not that time yet.

Eventhough you’ve given up.

Then I return to the cycle again. Fetal position. Lying in bed. Fighting off the tears. Unthinking.


I want someone who wants to understand me. I am tired of feeling like always having to understand everyone else, now I want someone who wants to know me. Someone who has scars and bruises and is tired as well, but still laughs at life and the sun and at the silly things. Someone whose hands, no matter how soft or rough, wants to touch slowly and softly. Someone who wants to hear me, who doesn’t want too much for me. Someone who will feel the things I cannot put into words or writing. Someone who wants to see me no matter how fucked up I am. Someone who wants me to listen to them too, to see in their hearts and lay in the sun with the grass blowing around us. Someone who can still dream.

We are all broken, but so few really laugh with joy anymore.

I want that back. I want someone like that.

Am I asking for someone perfect? I don’t think so. I would be fine if he was broken beyond repair too. All I ask is to be loved and understood.

I understand now.

all i want is you

I look at you. Everyday I see you again and I think that maybe you aren’t as great as I made you out to be. But then you speak or laugh or breathe and I realize that yes, you are.

If you read this, if you knew I wrote this about you you’d get scared. You wouldn’t be able to look at me straight. I know that. I know what it is like to be loved by someone you do not love.

I want you. I want some part of you. Any part. Every part. Those parts which you let everyone have, the parts which you share in conversation. I want those special parts, those parts you keep hidden from everyone.

I don’t care. Let’s run away to where the shooting stars fall and meet them when they land. Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me. I wanna burn with you like coal smoke sunsets over fields of eels. I’m just so tired of waking up all alone.


If you want me, push me against a wall and kiss my mouth.  If we’re sitting together on a bench or in the grass, casually slide your hands under my shirt and let me feel your warmth on my back.  Let my hands guide your fingers where I want them to go, and never take your eyes from mine the whole time.

If you want me, show me by the way your fingers play with mine whenever our hands brush together.  Give me inviting looks and let your eyes fit entire speeches into the seconds between our conversation.

If you want me, don’t let someone else take me away.  Smile at me each chance you get, and touch my shoulder every now and then.

If you want me, wait until the moment when my eyes seem distant and my face looks blank; come up behind me and whisper all the things you’d want me for.  Right there and then, I’ll decide if I want you too.